\\ Indy goes big.

\\ 02. 01. 2012



Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a gorgeous 60 degree day in Indiana on the first of February.  My state really knows how to keep us on our toes, I love it.  Indianapolis is hopping this week!  Didn’t you hear? THE SUPERBOWL IS IN TOWN!  Don’t care about football? Yeah, me neither, however the city really has come alive (+ I mean way more than normal.)  Although the construction that took place downtown was often incredibly annoying, it does look absolutely gorgeous… If you get rid of all those silly huge Super Bowl signs;)… I cannot wait to try out the zip-line!


Saturday the Anderson Indiana native / songwriter was in the super bowl village for a live performance.  I have to say I’m a little biased in Jon’s favor for helping all of us Andersonians have a wee bit of hope for success, however no one can deny his true raw talent he brings to the stage.  The friends I went with are now hooked, I love when that happens.  Here are a few shots from that bitter, cold, 25 degree concert.  Enjoy!  Everyone be safe in this nap-town craziness!

This is why candids are so much better than posed shots… Homeboy on the drums.

Well done, sir.

His new single “Summer is Over” featuring Sara Bareilles – download it on iTunes.

Happy February!


– katie.

©all images copyright Katie Landes Photography, 2012©


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